Under Creative Director Alex Jane's non-conformist design direction, we make fine jewellery that defies jewellery norms and appeals to those looking for minimalist pieces that make a statement. Think geometric, raw yet refined.

Intrigued by the idea of creating a reverse black diamond ring, Alex began experimenting with techniques in 2017. As he sought for perfection and precision, he pushed boundaries, redefining what was deemed possible.

After procuring cutting-edge machinery, fine-tuning them to perfection, and developing customised techniques, the team now commands the design and production game. In Spring 2023, Xander Jane introduced its first collection, SPIKED, inspired by the punk fashion aesthetic.


At the lab, we fuse cutting-edge technology with our customized processes to turn those “impossible" designs into reality.

We thrive on pushing limits. From casting, CNC machining, to polishing and hand-finishing, we're all about precision.